Fox Theater: A Historic Landmark in Oakland CA


Oakland is known for its diverse cultural heritage and a thriving arts scene. One of the city's most significant cultural landmarks is the Fox Theater. Located in the heart of downtown Oakland, the Fox Theater is a historic performing arts venue that has been a part of the city's cultural fabric for more than 90 years. In this article, we'll explore the history of the Fox Theater, its role in shaping Oakland's cultural identity, and why it remains a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

A Brief History of the Fox Theater

The Fox Theater was built in 1928 by the noted architect, T. L. Pflueger. It was part of a nationwide chain of theaters owned by William Fox, one of the pioneers of the American film industry. The theater was designed in the Art Deco style and was considered one of the most opulent movie palaces of its time. It was equipped with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems and featured a mix of movies, live performances, and vaudeville shows.

The Golden Age of the Fox Theater

During the 1930s and 1940s, the Fox Theater was one of the premier entertainment venues in Oakland. It hosted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Duke Ellington, B.B. King, and Frank Sinatra. The theater also played a significant role in shaping the cultural identity of the city's African American community. During the era of segregation, the Fox Theater was one of the few venues in Oakland that welcomed Black performers and audiences.

The Fall and Rise of the Fox Theater

However, in the mid-1960s, with the rise of television and the decline of the movie industry, many grand old theaters like the Fox struggled to remain in business. The theater was eventually forced to close its doors in 1966. For the next four decades, the building stood vacant and fell into a state of disrepair. It wasn't until the early 2000s that a group of investors and preservationists stepped in and began the process of restoring the Fox Theater to its former glory.

The Restoration of the Fox Theater

In 2009, after a $75 million restoration project, the Fox Theater was reopened to the public. The restoration process took nearly a decade and included a complete overhaul of the building's infrastructure, interior, and exterior. However, the architects and designers went to great lengths to preserve the theater's original Art Deco style and design elements. Today, the Fox Theater stands as a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage and a prime example of the preservation of historic architecture.

The Modern-Day Fox Theater

Today, the Fox Theater is a thriving performing arts venue that hosts a wide variety of events, including concerts, comedy shows, lectures, and film screenings. The theater has a seating capacity of 2,800 and is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, making it one of the best live performance spaces in the Bay Area. In recent years, the Fox Theater has become a hub for Oakland's vibrant arts scene, attracting both local and international talent.

Expert Views on the Fox Theater

According to Matt Werner, a historian of Oakland's cultural heritage, "The Fox Theater is an important cultural landmark for the city of Oakland. It represents the city's rich cultural heritage and its commitment to preserving its historic architecture. The theater's restoration is a testament to the power of community activism and the importance of preserving our cultural legacy."


In conclusion, the Fox Theater is more than just a historic building; it is a living testament to the city of Oakland's rich cultural heritage. From its golden age as a premier entertainment venue to its resurrection as a thriving performing arts space, the Fox Theater has played a significant role in shaping Oakland's cultural identity. It remains a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the city's history, architecture, and arts scene.

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