Mountain View Cemetery: A Historical Landmark and Final Resting Place in Oakland, CA

Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Mountain View Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and historic graveyards in the country. Established in 1863, it is the final resting place for some of the most notable figures in Oakland's history, including business magnates, politicians, and civic leaders. Today, Mountain View Cemetery continues to serve as an important cultural landmark and community resource, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a place of reflection and remembrance.

History of Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery was founded in the early 1860s, during a time of rapid growth and development in Oakland. The cemetery was established on a 225-acre plot of land on the eastern slope of the Oakland Hills, and its design was inspired by the rural cemeteries of the East Coast. The cemetery was designed to be a tranquil and peaceful place, with winding paths, stately trees, and sweeping views of the bay.

Over the years, Mountain View Cemetery became the final resting place for many of Oakland's most prominent citizens, including Horace Carpentier, the city's founding father; Joseph Knowland, a U.S. Congressman and owner of the Oakland Tribune; and Elizabeth Short, a murder victim known as the "Black Dahlia." Today, the cemetery is home to over 65,000 graves and is still an active burial site.

Features of Mountain View Cemetery

One of the most striking features of Mountain View Cemetery is its stunning landscape. The cemetery is home to many rare and exotic trees, including redwoods, cedars, and cypresses. The grounds are also home to numerous sculptures and monuments, including the famous Angel of Grief, a life-sized bronze statue that commemorates the death of a young woman named Lillie Hitchcock Coit.

In addition to its natural beauty, Mountain View Cemetery also offers a range of services and amenities to visitors. The cemetery offers guided tours, educational programs, and genealogical research services. There is also a chapel and reception center on the grounds, which can be rented for weddings, memorials, and other events.

Community Outreach and Conservation

Mountain View Cemetery is not just a place for the dead, but also a resource for the living. The cemetery is committed to community outreach and education, and hosts a range of events throughout the year, including art exhibits, concerts, and historical reenactments.

The cemetery is also committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. In recent years, Mountain View Cemetery has implemented a number of green initiatives, such as using recycled water for irrigation, planting drought-tolerant plants, and reducing energy consumption.

Expert Quotes

According to Dr. Susan Anderson, a professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, Mountain View Cemetery is an important cultural landmark that offers a unique glimpse into Oakland's past.

"As a historian, I am fascinated by the stories of the people buried at Mountain View Cemetery," says Dr. Anderson. "These are the people who helped shape Oakland into the vibrant and diverse city it is today. Visiting the cemetery is a chance to reflect on their legacies and to better understand the history of the city."


Mountain View Cemetery is a place of beauty, history, and reflection. It is a final resting place for many of Oakland's most notable citizens and an important cultural landmark in the community. Whether you are interested in history, art, or nature, there is something for everyone at Mountain View Cemetery. So why not take a stroll through the peaceful grounds and pay your respects to the many men and women who helped shape Oakland's past and present?

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